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Try to correct the violation. Refer to our Covenant Guidelines for a clearer description, or call our Community Management office for assistance  (305) 931-8898
Call Community Management ASAP and explain your situation. They will direct you to pay online. Depending on how late you are, you may qualify for a one time waving of late fees and interest. ;To pay click here

Our Responsibilities
Our Vision

Our objective is to assist the Association's Board of Director's in improving the quality of life and property values of Admirals Port Condo.

Known for our integrity, dedicated staff and commitment to service, "We Are Here For You".

The Board of Directors are elected volunteers that serve on the behalf of all the owners of the community. They take this responsibility seriously, and work very hard for the betterment of the community.

Lets continue to encourage and support our wonderful Board of Directors.

As homeowners we have the responsibility to maintain our property, adhere to the Rules & Regulations and governing Documents, be understanding and supportive of your neighbors and strive to maintain the overall appearance of the community.
Homeowners are required to submit plans for any and all exterior improvements for approval to the Architectural Control Committee prior to installation. Our goal is to ensure choices are in harmony with the overall appearance of the community.
How fortunate we are to be residents of Admirals Port Condo.