For You Information

Common sense should dictate appropriate attire.  This means wearing shoes and clothing or a swim suit cover up that covers both “tops and bottoms.”  Towels alone are not appropriate attire.   Shoes aren’t needed around the pool deck.
Part of The Wave’s graceful and elegant look is its exterior conformity.While you may want to decorate in your own unique style, please refer to the Condo Documents for clarification of what may be placed on your balcony or lanai.
Please do not hang towels off the balcony, and bikes belong in the Bike Room . 
South Florida has unpredictable weather, especially during hurricane season.  Make sure to remove any furniture or accessories from your balcony or lanai area when there is an impending hurricane.  It’s your responsibility to make arrangements for a caretaker, if you will be absent for a long period of time.

If you smoke on your balcony or have candles, please watch the flames carefully, and KEEP YOUR BUTTS WHERE THEY BELONG.   It is very easy for the wind to blow a flame or carry a butt to another balcony area and cause a fire.  It’s a dangerous combination, so please be careful and considerate. And, of course, no barbeque grills that produce a flame.


Bikes may not be transported through the building.  Once bikes are registered, you’ll receive a sticker and a key for the Bike Room ($7 fee). The bike room is located across the street from The Wave in the north west corner of the garage.   Bikes and tricycles and roller skates aren’t allowed to roll in the building or immediate outdoor areas.


As a convenience to The Wave’s residents, the Association maintains two computers in the Business Center.   There is a printer and , but bring your own paper.