1. A possible disastrous and deadly combination occurs when cigarettes, cigars or flammable materials are thrown over the balconies or into the trash chutes. Don’t event think about it.
  2. Pigeons damage the building, and pose a health menace. Please, DON’T FEED THE PIGEONS.
  3. Guests need to be registered, so please remind them to stop at the front desk. Once our Front Desk Staff confirms authorization, your guest(s) can sign in, and begin their visit to The Wave. Two guests may accompany you to the pool deck area.
  4. Be a responsible pet owner. Register your pet(s). Use a leash, carrier or a firm hold around your pet(s) when being transported through the building. Hollywood has a Pooper Scooper law, so avoid the fines, and pick up after your pet(s). Quiet pets make you a great neighbor, too.
  5. Clean up after grill use.  Dispose of COOL COALS ONLY.  Even a warm coal could ignite,   and start a fire.   (A suggestion is to soak the coals in a bucket of water while you enjoy your barbeque.) 
  6. Share the outside chairs and tables around the pool deck and on the beach.   Saving is not allowed, and after one hour, you may find your towel and personal belongings in the lost and found.
  7. We all want “peaceful enjoyment” at The Wave, so please keep the noise down.
  8. If you are gone long periods of time, your Association requires that your hire a caretaker.    Remember to cancel the newspaper and put your mail on hold.   If your mailbox is full after days, the post office sends mail back to sender.  To reduce the chance of mold, set air conditioning at 78 degrees or lower.