Trivia and Helpful Hints

  1. If your air conditioning isn’t working right, first try the reset button. You will have to take   off the thermostat cover and use a pen (or similar) tip. If that doesn’t work, you will probably have to call a repair person.  See Important Phone numbers for one suggestion for maintenance contracts.

  2. If you hear something beeping in the unit, your smoke detectors may need a new 9V battery.

  3. Keep your unit cleaner by changing your air conditioner filters often.  Try using both sides of your filter.   You will notice that one side of the filter is dirty, and the other may be clean. You can simply rotate the filter horizontally, (like how a pizza is made), so the “clean” side is now under the active filter area. Filters are available for sale in the Management Office.   Better filters that get out smaller particles are readily available at Home Depot and Loewes.

  4. Problems with your washer/dryer appliance?   It may be a simple hose clog.   So, you may want to try clearing it yourself before you call for service.   If you still have the original appliance and manual, complete instructions are in the manual.   If you misplaced your book, you may borrow one from The Management Team.  It takes about 30 minutes to complete the self-clean process.

  5. If you want a place to dry your swim suits and towels, try a second, spring-loaded shower rod, placed over the tub area.

  6. Like most condos and commercial buildings, there is no designated thirteenth (13th)  floor at The Wave.

  7. The beach area in front of The Wave is known as Beverly Beach.